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For highly accurate and precise dentistry

At The Old Stables, we use the latest digital technology to elevate the patient experience and ensure our detailed treatments are reliable and precise.

With the iTero 3D scanner, traditional messy impressions are a thing of the past. It takes accurate digital images of the mouth in just minutes, creating detailed models used to create a range of dental devices, including whitening trays and Invisalign aligners.

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How can digital scanning be used?



The iTero scanner is incredibly useful in Invisalign cases, able to connect with the Invisalign system to show a patient’s predicted results before treatment even begins, with a preview of their straighter smile. We can also use the digital scans to create comfortable and precise aligners in a shorter time, track progress and make retainers.


Monitoring wear

Time lapse technology allows us to compare a patient’s historic 3D scan with their most recent one. This enables us to identify and measure tooth wear, gingival recession and orthodontic tooth movements, so we can provide further treatment if necessary.


Boutique Whitening

We send the digital scans to the Boutique laboratory, where comfortable and high grade custom made whitening trays are created, elevating your whitening treatment. With these trays, Boutique whitening delivers fast and superior results.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does it hurt to have a digital scan done?

    No, the whole process is non-invasive and pain free. Please let us know if you are concerned before having a digital scan and we will help keep you comfortable and at ease throughout.

  • Is digital scanning safe?

    Yes, digital scans are completely safe and remove the need for messy impressions. They are fast, usually taking less than five minutes, and very accurate.

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