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Improve the appearance of white spots on your teeth

White spots can appear on the surface on the teeth for a number of reasons, including early decay and following fixed brace treatment. They can be unsightly and make you want to keep your teeth hidden, but there is a way we can help.

Revolutionary Icon treatment enables us to remove white spots and marks in a non-invasive way, without the need for any drilling, pain or unnecessary damage to the tooth. You no longer need to opt for more expensive options, including dental veneers, as a way to cover the discolouration and restore your smile.

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What does the treatment involve?

Icon works by infiltrating the pores of the tooth to remove white spot lesions. The whole process is quick and pain-free.

  1. Initially, we apply a specially formulated gel to the affected tooth, which is left for a couple of minutes before being rinsed off and the tooth dried.
  2. We then apply tooth coloured resin, which is absorbed by the pores in the tooth. This is hardened using a special light, which restores the tooth to the natural colour, removing the white spots.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Icon treatment a permanent solution?

    The results achieved with Icon are not permanent, but last around 2-5 years depending on each individual case. You may need to have top up treatments in the future.

  • Will whitening treatment help remove white spots?

    Whitening treatment is not effective on white spots, which will continue to appear lighter than the rest of the tooth. As Icon infiltrates down into the tooth, it achieves much better results.

  • When will my results appear?

    Your results are visible instantly following the quick and painless treatment.

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