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Conceal chips and cracks in just one visit

Composite bonding is a very successful, fast and non-invasive way to reshape teeth, mask damage and enhance their colour and appearance. It is built up in layers directly onto the tooth, removing the need for impressions to be taken or for anything to be made in an external laboratory.

Composite bonding has become increasingly popular with patients looking to improve their smile without the need for lengthy and involved treatment. The composite material can be colour matched to the shade of your natural teeth for a highly aesthetic finish.

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What does the treatment involve?

Composite bonding treatment is quick, carried out in a single visit to The Old Stables. We don’t need to remove any of your natural tooth enamel in preparation.

  1. Initially, we dry your tooth and apply a special acidic gel, creating a rough surface for the composite to effectively bond to.
  2. The composite material is applied in layers by our skilled dentists, who accurately build up the shape of the tooth, covering damage or discolouration.
  3. We harden the composite using a special blue light, which sets it immediately. We then professionally polish your tooth, leaving it looking beautifully natural and blending seamlessly with your smile.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will I feel any pain or discomfort during treatment?

    No, the treatment requires no anaesthetic or drills and is completely pain free.

  • How long will the composite bonding last on my tooth?

    Composite bonding lasts around five years on average, providing you take good care of it. The composite material can chip or break, but is easily able to be repaired.

  • Can composite become stained?

    Composite can become stained, particularly if you drink tea, coffee, other dark drinks or are a smoker. It is not affected by whitening treatment, so you may want to choose to whiten your teeth before having composite bonding.

  • How can I look after my tooth?

    The best way to look after your restored tooth is by practising excellent oral hygiene at home, including brushing and flossing twice a day. It is also important that you visit your dentist for regular check up appointments.

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